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Birthdate:Sep 12, 1981
Location:Oakland, California, United States of America
Website:Memoirs of a Genderqueer Femme Anarchist
"I reserve my right to be complex."
--Leslie Feinberg

I want a post-hierarchal, post-civilization utopia! Failing ever seeing significant progress toward a post-hierarchal, post-civilization utopia, I may just run off to the woods with someone nice and live a quiet life. Or become a crazy old cat person.

I'm complicated in identity. I strongly identify as queer, trans, genderqueer, fat, femme, crazy, a person with disabilities, and a survivor, among other things. I'm a geek and a lover of books. I'm too well read and too introspective for my own good. A little bit awkward, but not as awkward as I tend to say I am.

I hate hate hate talking about myself in little bio sections like this. Just read my journal, ok?

Make me happy! My pronouns are they/them/their.

Some more stuff:

- A dirty heathen Goddess-worshiper (Freyja in particular)
- A sex-positive radical feminist
- An anarchist
- Totally addicted to processing
- Polyamorous and Leather
- An author, spoken word performer, and musician
- A drag king
- And many other things

Commentary that will get me really pissed off:

- Oppressive words and actions.
- Not listening when called out.
- Derailing
- Being so focused on a single issue, you throw people under the bus
- Coming here telling me how great your pscyh meds are, and acting like people who don't take meds are less crazy than those who do. As far as the first part, good for you, I don't want to hear about it, and as far as the second, you don't speak for me and aren't in my head.
- Minimizing anyone's experiences/accounts of their own oppression in general.
- You don't have to be an anarchoqueer to comment here; disagree all you want, speak from your own experience, and don't replicate oppression when you do it.

Interests (149):

adding trans to words, anarchafeminism, anarchism, androgyny, animal liberation, anti-ablism, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, anti-fluffybunny pagans, anti-psychiatry, anti-racism, astronomy, astrophysics, bdsm, being not trans enough, being too trans, bitch magazine, body modification, books, buffy the vampire slayer, building true solidarity, butch/butch, butch/femme, butches, camp trans, cats, comics, communities of care, complexity theory, complicated and layered genders, cooking, crowdaggers, crusty punks, dangerous gifts, diy, drag king, dumpster diving, dykes, existentialism, faerie tales, faeries, fat positivity, feminism, femme =/= woman, femme bois, femme/femme, femmes, fencing, fetish, fibromyalgia, filk, firefly, folk, folk punk, free piles, freyja, gaming, geeky tv shows, gender theory, genderfuck, genderqueer, genderqueer style and efficiency, guerilla art, guitars, handmade patches, healing emotional trauma, heathenism, heathens, herbalism, herstory, history, hobocore, horror, intentionally dancing badly, irreverence, iww, karaoke, linguistics, linux, magick, mathematics, migraines, monty python, mtftwtf, non-allopathic medicine, non-binary gender, ordeals, performance art, permaculture, philosophy, physics, piercings, poetry, pornography, post-civ anarchism, postmodernism, prison abolition, processing, psychiatric survivors, punk, purple unicorn socks, queer theory, queercore, radical femininity, radical masculinity, radical mental health activism, radical sexuality, rheumatoid arthritis, riot don't diet, riotgrrl, rocking a cane, runelore, science, science fiction, seidhr, sensuality, sex, sex work, sex workers, singing, situationism, snuggling, solidarity, special snowflake gender, spoken word, spontaneous queermo parties, spontaneous queermo takeovers, stream-of-consciousness writing, street medics, stripey socks, strong women, surrealism, taking down manarchists, tattoos, tea, tinctures, tisanes, too queer to function, transfeminism, transgender activism, urban scavenging, virgo the neurotic sign, visual arts, wheat-free, women's music, women's studies, wounded healers, wyrd, zines

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