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gayge ([personal profile] dashingdeviant) wrote2009-05-05 10:48 pm

Fashion Victory!

The Goddesses of Fashion smiled upon me, as I have acquired skinny jeans that actually fit me well out of a free store.

Funnily enough, they were the ones I was suspicious of - they're sized a 15, so I was questioning whether they'd stretch enough to fit my ass and thighs, but, they do. The article of clothing I wasn't suspicious of was a very well-worn pair of seven jeans that had been cut into shorts, and had rips right below each ass cheek (I know, amazing, right?)...I go to try them on, and can't get them fully up to where they should sit. nevermind even attempt to zip or button them. I look and find a size tag, and it says 28, so apparently they're a 28 waist. Which given that my actual waist is about 35", is waayyyyy too small - I can wear stuff smaller than that that is low rise, then it becomes a question of hips and ass. I think they would probably fit someone who is a 6 or 8ish, so...somehow that looks like a 15 or 16 to me. Whoops.

However, I do now have a pair of jeans that fits well, so I can mess with one of my other pairs of jeans that sorta fits (I'm thinking of taking the waistband off another pair when I turn it into shorts, which should make it fit better once I improvise a closing mechanism).
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[personal profile] luludi 2009-06-18 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
If it makes you feel any better, Seven's (and a lot of designer jeans) are a size smaller than they say they are when compared to, say, Levi's or another well-known brand. Bastards...